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Serving God by Serving Others Capital Campaign, to Serve those in need.

Our Story

The Henderson Christian Community Outreach (HCCO) is a faith-based organization that began as a private, not-for-profit, 501C3 entity in 1986. During the last 34 years, it has provided needed assistance and support for nearly 110,000 individuals. Over 85,000 families have been provided food by the HCCO. Utility assistance has helped 15,000 individuals and over 8,000 individuals have received assistance for their needs for rent. Approximately 2,600 individuals have received help for their prescription or medications. HCCO is also the Henderson site for the government funded Senior Commodity Program. This program provides 3600 food boxes each year to eligible senior citizens within Henderson County.

HCCO is always willing to go the extra mile when called upon to serve the community. The Henderson Employee Relief Fund was established in March of 2020 to help those affected by the layoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Community Foundation raised $400,000 and asked HCCO to create an application process to serve those requesting assistance. This program served an additional 786 families with rent and mortgage payments, utilities, and other urgent needs.

Through the pursuit of its mission to help those in need, the HCCO has been blessed with the genuine and caring effort of hundreds of volunteers since its inception. To-date, over 522,000 hours have been freely and generously given by the HCCO volunteers.

Our Current Status

The HCCO has existed in several leased facilities over the years. It currently is in leased space located next to D&M Foods. The HCCO has been challenged to have adequate space due to the significant increase in the number of individuals in need of assistance over the last three years. This is especially true currently because of the tremendous impact on the HCCO created by the Covid 19 Pandemic.

In the fall of 2019, the HCCO Board of Directors received a generous donation of property nearby its currently location. Upon reviewing the inadequacy of its current location and the significant increase in demand for the services provided by the HCCO, the Board reached the conclusion that a new and permanent home for the HCCO Center was critically urgent.

As a result, the HCCO Board of Directors directed the Board’s Executive Committee to pursue the design and construction of a new and permanent home for the HCCO.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,” MATTHEW 25:35

Our Goal

To achieve the dream of a new permanent home for the Center, the HCCO Board of Directors has initiated a major investment campaign to raise sufficient funds to build a new facility that is approximately 5,400 square feet in size. It will provide space for all of the current services offered to its clients: client check-in, interview, prayer room, food pantry, warehousing for food and other materials, internal refrigerator/freezer, external freezer, food and material distribution, Executive Director Office, Conference Room, restrooms for staff and volunteers, and coffee room.

The projected cost of construction and furnishings is $800,000 for the new HCCO facility.

HCCO’s annual budget consists of funds from United Way, private grants, the local churches, and private donors. The Board and capital campaign committee have also established a $600,000 endowment goal for ongoing financial support of the multiple missions of HCCO.

Our Request

The HCCO Board invites you to help make this new facility a haven for those in need. Your investment will allow the Center to provide food, assistance for rent, utilities, and medications so desperately needed by the families in our community.

Board, Campaign Committee and Volunteers

Dr. Pat Lake, President of the Board; Mike Thomas, Vice-President ; Bob Farmer, Past- President ; Rayanna Riley, Treasurer and Barbara Barr, Secretary. Other Board Members: Lisa O’Nan, Rick Courtney, David Park, Kathy Patton, Diane McMindes, and Tom Mioduszewski.

Mary Dunham, Kelsi Dunham, and Kathy Patton.

Dr. David Watkins – Chair, Rick Courtney, Kelsi Dunham, Bob Farmer, William Fidler, Dr. Pat Lake, Mark Weaver.

Georgiana Dannheiser, Jerry Hinton, Carol Neff, Linda Williams, Judy Duncan, Pam Newman, Chloe Eblen, Mary Walker, Donna Jewell, Sandy Risinger, Sue Allen, Joyce Denton, James Woods, Ronnie Chinn, Debbie Enyart, Susie Middleton, Anna Gilmore, Dorothy Morse, Kim Wright, Phyllis Nelson, Vickie Shemwell, Brad Hook, Cindy Thweat, Rev. Eric Hoey, Deacon Larry Courtney, Raiko Henderson, Nancy Thompson, Cindy Turon, Bennie Stone Jr., Gary Russell, Sherry Smith, Pam Guthrie.

Abby & Corey Jewell, Adrianne Garber, Andrew Newcom, Ashley Wolfe, Barbara Barr, Bennie Stone, Bess & Red Sandefur, Betsy Gossett, Bob Farmer, Brad Hook, Brian Ettensohn, Brily Smith, Bryce & Kelsie Williams, Carol Neff, Carolyn Emery, Carrie Lane, Chloe Eblen, Cindy Thweatt, Cindy Turon, Conner Sperling, Corrie Silverthorn, Danny & Lisa O’Nan, Darrell Mays, David Lemon, Debbie Enyart, Diane McMindes, Don Summers, Donna Jewell, Donovan Walters, Dorie Emrick, Ella Fries, Eric & Jennifer Crowley, Fay Roberts, Gabe & Raven Pirtle, Gary Compton, Gary Russell, Georgianna Dannherser, Ginny Thomas, Harold Norman, Isazah Robertson, Jacob Wright, Jake Nally, James Wilson, Jane Farmer, Janet Downey, Janet Swearingen, Janet Vukovick, Janice Cobb, Jeff & Stacey Dixon, Jenny Payne, John & Donna Mathias, John & Tabitha Tatum, Joyce Culver, Kathy Creasey, Kelly Smith, Kendra Risley, Kenny & Carrie Veach, Krissie Hodge, Larry & Mary Walker, Larry Courtney, Lauri Roberts, Lisa Foster, Lisa Hatchett, Lorraine Turpen, Lou Hopper, Lucy Williams, Lynn Owens, Maddie Mathias, Margie Toombs, Marion Lourie, Martha Newman, Mary Cheaney, Mia Dennis, Michele Linn, Mike Thomas, Mitchell & Jaycee Haynes, Morris Mullens, Nancy & Wayne Roy Thompson, Norma Frazier, Pam Guthrie, Pam Newman, Patrick Lake, Paula (Susie) Middleton, Phyllis Nelson, Rachel McClarney, Rayanna Riley, Rick Courtney, Rita Crafton, Robert Crafton, Ron Alexander, Ron Osborne, Ron Skaggs, Ronnie & Vicki Chinn, Rosemary Owens, Sandra Colliver, Sandra Lindsey, Sandy Risinger, Sandy Tompkins, Sherry Smith, Shirley Colliver, Shirley Heintz, Stephanie Donahoo, Steve Graves, Sue Woodard, Susan Sugg, Teresa Bowles, Terry Mitchell, Tim Middleton, Timothy Ellis, Tina Wolfe, Tom Mioduszewski, Trinity Merritt, Vicki Shemwell, Wil Downs.