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Partner Programs

Ready To Work Program

– (M) works 20 hours per week, takes on-line classes with the Henderson Community College, receives KTAP funds, Transportation Allowance and Child Care Voucher.

KTAP Program

– (D) works 20 hours per week, receives KTAP funds, Transportation and Child Care Voucher.

Food Stamp Allowance Program

– (L) works 20 hours per week, to receive her food stamp benefits.

Probation/Community Service Program

– (A) is currently working 24 hours of community service to resolve issues out of Warren County. This young father realizes he was given a “Wake Up” call. He vows to continue volunteering on his days off from work. He has ministered to many young people while serving his hours at Outreach!

“Payback Funding”

– (S) is working 12 hours to replace HCCO funds over the normal $100 limit. Her boyfriend and two children are living in the Holiday Motel at $220 per week. HCCO will not enable our clients.

Habitat Volunteers

– Britney Smith, Executive Director received a grant for furniture vouchers. HCCO families may ask for $100 in furniture. Each client is asked for two hours of volunteer work at HCCO for their voucher. (Thanks Britney!)